Sunday, 6 April 2014

Stocks to Watch 7 - 18 April

Below is purely on my personal opinion and please seek advice from your broker for investment decision. 

Congratulation to those in bot with the stocks that I mentioned last week. Most of it achieved good return within a week (eg OCK MITRA KSSC DUTALND HOMERIZ KMLOONG and others...). Please click here to view.
But this is also due to the bull sentiment that was running start last week. Hopefully this will last for few more weeks. But, the market is too hot right now. Be careful of the profit taking activities that might happen next week.
Be cautious as the US market plunged on last Friday.

The reason for Stocks to Watch "" 7 -18 "" is I will be attending a training which I totally cannot access to my laptop and totally away for Stock market, thus I will not be able to update for the stock picks. Hopefully my portfolio still doing well after 18 April. 

The below stocks should be enough for two weeks and please bear in mind that holding power is required.

Trade at your own risk! Just my personal picks! Kindly comment if any opinion on my picks. Sharing is learning~ Would like to know you guys opinion and comment~

After a rally on last two weeks, INSAS is preparing for another round of bull run?
Watch closely! Cut loss RM1.2 .


MENANG is back! After a bull run from 0.66 to 1.02, MENANG is preparing to surprise investor again.
Tp 1.2 and holding power is required~ Cut loss 0.86


CAELY contiune to break its resistant. Will CAELY continue to move higher? 
Watch closely~


CENBOND rebound from resistance. Investors who interested may wait for retrace to enter again.
Cut loss 1.48

DUTALND is preparing to break resistant? It may move higher to hit the target price within mid term.


I have mentioned OCNCASH in fb on the day it started to run. OCNCASH have break the resistance and now on hisotrical high. Price might retrace before it continue to reach new high! Trader may wait price retrace for entry opportunity.


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