Friday, 2 May 2014

Stocks to Watch 5-9 May

Hi everyone, hopefully not much trader hurt by the penny stock sell down.
Now the market back to big cap and mid cap counters.

Sorry this might be the last post on other facebook page as I might only post in a facebook page so that dont have to post everywhere as it might cause some issues in other facebook page.

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The page name is LoveStockry Club and soon we will cover FCPO and Gold as well in the facebook page.
Please join us and we can share and learn together.

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Hopefully can grow this grow bigger and more member to be benefited.


E&O trade higher after a sell down on last week. Price might trade higher till 2.57 in midterm.

GOB faced the profit taking but the recent rebound might bring it higher after the retailers being washed out. Watch the resistance highlighted.

OCK have seen some interest triggered after consolidating for some period.
Watch resistance and support to enter.