Sunday, 31 August 2014

Stocks to Watch 1 - 5 September

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Sunday, 24 August 2014

Stocks to Watch 25 - 29 Aug

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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Stock to Watch - IREKA & IREKA-WB


They were mentioned on 5 August when they were traded RM 0.68 and RM0.285. Please click the link above to read previous post. 
Currently the price is trading at RM0.695 and RM0.32 which both of them have hit target price and retraced.

Both of them were retraced with such a low volume and currently supported at the RM0.695 and RM0.32. 

Will another wave bring it to another high to close the gap by right issue? Lets watch if any chances of bull run again.

Stop loss = RM0.665 (-4.3%)
First target Price = RM0.73 (+5%)
Second target Price = RM0.80 (+15.8%)

Stop loss = RM0.295 (-7.4%)
First target price = RM0.35 (+9.4%)
Second price target = RM0.40 (+25%)

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Stock to Watch - KEINHIN

Stock to Watch - KEINHIN (7199)
KEINHIN is at strong uptrending recently and currently it might preparing for 3rd wave of bull run.
Price is staying strong above 20 MA and MACD is waiting for bullish reversal.
Traders who are aggressive may enter and take profit at 0.565. Traders may also wait for price to stand above 20 MA for entry opportunity.

Target price = 0.565 (+13%)
Stop loss = 0.47 (-6%)

Be patient and Happy Trading!

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Stock to Watch - PINEPAC

The retracement which I can interpret as healthy retracement after the recent surged (+35%) from bollinger band breakout. The current price is trying to stay above 20MA which a short term uptrend could be triggered if price able to stand above 20MA with volume kicks in. 
Will the current consolidation be preparing to bring PINEPAC to another new level? The next resistance will be 0.505 which is the 3 years resistance could be potentially breached in the near term and continually to trend higher. Lets watch closely if any bull run of PINEPAC happens in near term.

Target Price = 0.505 (+16%)
Stop Loss = 0.405 (-7%)

Happy Trading !
Trade at your own risk!

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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Stock to Watch - SUNZEN & SUNZEN-WA

Price surged on last month and the recent retracement seems preparing to bring SUNZEN to a new high. Price has rebounded from support and could potentially challenge its resistance in short term. Watch for the price action and if price could break through 0.335, sky is the limit! 

First target - RM0.45
Second target - RM0.495
Stop loss - RM0.37

First target - RM0.335
Second target - RM0.38
Stop loss - RM0.27

Monday, 11 August 2014

Stock to Watch - WATTA

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WATTA is trying to stand above 20MA in these few trading days.
It is challenging its 8 years major resistant. From the huge trading volume and positive indicators, WATTA could potentially challenge its 8 years resistance after resisted by 0.525 for 8 years. Let's watch closely for any bull run in WATTA.
Traders who look to buy into the stock should aim to take profit at RM0.525 (+28%) and set their stop loss RM0.38 (-7%)
Trade cautiously, Be patient and Happy Trading!
Trade at your own risk

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Stock to Watch - MPCORP

Before you look into the chart, kindly read this news that was posted on July 2014.

The buyer of 15 million shares bought at RM0.55. Do you think the price will traded below RM0.55?
How do you think the restructuring process will help MPCORP? In my point of view, it can definitely helps to settle the debt and in future it might unlock the value of landbank in klang valley, which potentially will bring it back to the RM1 level.

The right issue announcement might trigger buying interest as investors can see the potentially unlock value of landbank by MPCORP. The buying momentum might bring MPCORP to challenge its recent high which is also one year resistance. The next level to watch is RM0.595 which is also 12 years resistance. Lets watch closely see whether it able to break RM0.545 in short term.

First target price = RM 0.545 (+10%)
Second target price = RM 0.595 (+20%)
Stop loss = RM 0.48 (-3%)

Happy Trading!

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Stock to Watch - Ireka and Ireka-wb

Ireka & Ireka-WB 
Trading near resistance 0.695 and potentially fill up the gap by right issue in mid term. MACD pointing up which show uptrend intact. The accumulation shows price will challenge the resistance in short term. 
The potential break up might also bring its warrant to challenge new high after the listing date. Ireka wb jz break above resistance today and potentially challenge 0.33 for next level. Lets watch closely how far it can goes.
Stop loss price: 0.65
First target price : 0.695
Second target price : 0.8
Stop loss price: 0.26
First target price : 0.33
Second target price : 0.4
Happy Trading and be patient!

Monday, 4 August 2014

Stock to Watch - 3A

3A (0012)
Accumulation seems has been done  after 6 months. It has moved quite significantly  recently. It has triggered buying interest and the price might move higher to hit psychology level RM1. The next resistance would be RM1.06

Technical buy with 12.7% potential return

Stop loss RM 0.91
First  target RM1.00
Second target RM1.06

Trade at your own risk!

Happy Trading and be patient!