Sunday, 5 January 2014

Stocks to Watch 6 - 10 Jan

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Below is purely on my personal opinion and please seek advice from your broker for investment decision.

BARAKAH was closed just above 20MA which may good for it to rebound soon. The next level to watch is 1.64 which is 7.9% and level to cut loss may consider to be at 1.45.

This stock has been rebounded since highlighted on here. The next immediate level to watch is 0.48 which is only .02 profit. This stock might need more time to trade higher.

DSONIC is always well supported by 20MA and this might a good opportunity for traders to consider. 
The profit target is RM0.25 which is around 12% profit.

HOHUP was landed just above 50MA which personally think that it is quite a good opportunity who people who like this counter to enter as it may rebound from 50MA.

IRIS resistance has been broken and closed beautifully at RM0.29.
The next level to watch is RM0.30. Patience needed in this counter.

MATRIX rebounded strongly from previous day closing and the next level to watch is RM3.77.

SENDAI might experience short term rebound on this trading week and the profit target is around RM0.07 which is about 6.9%.

SUNWAY has broke the trendline resistance strongly and the next level to watch is RM2.79 and RM2.90
Kindly pay some patience on this stock for it to trade higher. Traders who are not in position but wish to enter, you might wait for pull back to enter.

WCT, downtrend stock which shows some sign of rebound.This stock has been highlighted on 16 Dec that it may find its support on RM2.10 or RM2.03. Currently the stock has rebounded from RM2.03. The next level to watch is around RM2.21. 


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  2. Destini and Destini-wa mid term outlook how? It's not performing well, Destini-wa by player at close. The loss is quite significant, any comment ?