Sunday, 12 January 2014

Stocks to Watch 13 - 17 Jan

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Below is purely on my personal opinion and please seek advice from your broker for investment decision.

Let's see my stock picks can bring some angpau or not~ Finger crossed ~

Keep calm and trade!

BERTAM is trading at support around 0.635. Potential for this stock to trade higher on coming week.
Watch closely on it~


BREM our previous star stock (62%). Recently it appears signal for entry again. Potential for it to have 10% growth to level 2.21.

CHINWEL. Resistance breakout failed but still closed at resistance. Potential for it to trade higher.
Next level to watch RM1.51.

CRESBLD recently wast trading on resistance area. Seems like it has potential to break resistance on coming weeks. Watch closely and the next level to watch is RM1.76.

FRB  gap up with high volume. Potential for it to trade higher.
Immediate profit target is RM0.04 and the next level to watch after 0.81 is 0.85.

INFOTEC is trading at its resistance area. Potential for it to break resistance on next week. Target level is RM0.665 (12.7%).

Super high volume appeared on last trading day. Please watch closely.
Next level to watch is RM1.43

SUPERLN was well supported on 0.61 level. Please watch if high volume come in again to push the price higher. 

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