Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Surprised ANGPAU from BREM

BREM (62.2%)

BREM has been highlighted on 16 Dec and last on 29 Dec. Suprisingly, it shoot up so so much on the next two trading days. BREM has been suspended on Monday as it hit the limit up 30% after 45 cents gained. today, it was traded to RM2.21 and closed at RM2. The reason it shot up that much is because it was highlighted from NANYANG newspaper that it was undervalued.
KUALA LUMPUR (Dec 30): Brem Holding Bhd soared 17% to a 15-year high of RM1.77 after a bullish report by Nanyang Siang Pau regarding Brem’s net asset value.

"According to a report by Nanyang Siang Pau today, if the group’s revaluation of assets were to be taken into account, Brem’s net asset per share would be at RM8.32.
“The group’s net asset per share is worth RM8.32 but the stock price is at RM1.49, a discount of 82% of its asset value,” said the analytical report in Nanyang.
It argued that since the land owned by the group accounts for 95% of its assets, not only is there no possibility of devaluation, but it also means that there is a potential for its asset value to appreciate.
It added that the company has a high probability of issuing bonus shares, as it has reserves of RM311 million.
In addition, it said the company has “a strong management, good profit, steady financial management and attractive dividends.”
The report recommends investors to “boldly buy the stock to get rich.”
The group had declared and paid an interim dividend of 3% on 16 December 2013. "

It is 62.2% gain after highlighted! Great ANGPAU for you to prepare for chinese new years (for Chinese) and remember to take profit ya~ Don't let ur profit fly.. Remember : Earn less is better than lose~~
One more thing, no 100%  guarantee in stock market and not all stocks picked are earning money.
Please seek advice from your professional broker before you made any decision.

Happy Trading~

Ops, now us 11.39pm and I am here wishing u guys a prosperous and fruitful year ahead!

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