Wednesday, 18 December 2013

19 December _ Follow Up

Hi, Currently waiting for FED news to see whether tapering will be happening or not. Let's update my previous highlighted stock which gone up pretty much in these two weeks.

LATITUD (40.5%!)

LATITUD spike up 40.5% in less than 3 weeks time since I have highlighted on 28 November.
Target price 2.12 almost reached and trader might watch closely or consider to take profit. 


Price shoot up 8.2% before it retraced. More upside to come~


BREM has been highlighted and currently gone up 8.4% and hit the target price. Traders might consider to take some profit and wait for the next run.


Price has been gone up 7.8% before it retraced back to current level. 


Downtrend stock but in the next few days might be able to see some technical rebound which it may hit RM1.02.
Personally I don't trade downtrend stock~  Be careful and don't trade against trend. Take stock trend as your friend.

Sharing is Learning~
If you don't mind, just leave your contact number here (or PM me in fb: and I will create a whatsapp group which can keep us updated on KLSE stock news. (I believe whatsapp is more effective than blog) !

Happy Trading~

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