Thursday, 28 November 2013

28 November 2013


LATITUD has been on uptrend for quite some time. Today shoot up with high volume and gap up. More upside to see and the next level to watch is 1.68. 
The Q3 result itself is pretty good and with good dividend (0.063).
Trader might watch for retrace to enter.

SUPERMX might trade higher due to the stronger USD (might say weakening RM). The major resistance of 2.81 must be broken in order for it to move higher. Conservative trader might wait for the resistance breakout. 

Traders who want to enter might wait for the resistance of 1.42 to break out. High volume traded today but unable to break the resistance. 
*Looks like people still 'goreng".. (just personal opinion)

DAIBOCI trading at all time high with gap up today. More upside expected if high volume coming in. DAIBOCI has been trading in sideway and maybe this is time for it to go higher??

Resistance breakout at 2.38 with high volume might be the good chance for trader to enter as this counter is consolidating currently. More likely for this counter to trend higher as the prior trend is uptrend.

MYEG is forming a higher high and higher low after the previous retracement. More upside can be expected if resistance of 2.62 breaks. 

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