Wednesday, 27 November 2013

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ANCOM (0048)

Request from Wil Lim
Counter is trading on sideway and formed symmetrical triangle. The symmetrical triangle was broken with high volume on 26/11/2013. The projected profit target would be on 0.415 but the 0.405 should be the more significant resistance to break out first. 

Be cautious since black candle appeared on 27/11/2013.
Trade cautiously with penny stock.


CENSOF is on the downtrend since rally on last month. Volume is obviously diminishing substantially and can said as not much people is interested on this stock.
If you found this stock has good fundamental then you might hold for long term.
But if for trading, then probably you have to wait it to rebound.


KULIM having massive sell down in the past 3 trading days. The candlestick pattern on last trading day show it might be a pause and possible to have a short term rebound. However, if it failed to rebound, next level to watch is RM3.25.

Don't catch a falling knife~

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