Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Sharing is Learning.

Hi everyone,

I am still new to equities market (compared to those earning so much money), but I am here to share and we learn it together!

I believe the stocks that I share have benefited some people and if so, please support support and share to other! Appreciate it~~  **But confirm not all stock that I shared also can make money, nobody can do it and please make yourself clear on what type of risk taker you are before you step into the equities market.

Please feel free to comment here if u guys wan me to share some counter.

Bear in mind that no fundamental in the counters that I have mentioned as I am still learning in that. I would share whenever I am ready as I don't want to make people confusing unless I am clear on what I am doing.

So, please feel free to ask any counter you to know, I would share whatever I know. As if you spotted any counter, please comment and let all people benefited from it! Thanks ya~

You may subscribe to my blog if you would like to get update once I updated or spotted some good counters.

Happy Trading and Happy Earning!

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