Sunday, 22 December 2013

Stocks to Watch 23 - 27 December

LATITUD (Star Stock)

Fantastic surged (51.4%) after it has been highlighted on 28 November.
The next level to watch is RM2.57, however, price might go into pull back before another wave of bull run. Profit taking happened on last trading days. Traders might consider take partial profit if you are in profit position.
The next support level to watch is RM1.91.


Downtrending stock. When it going to be landed like MAS? (Just kidding)
Inverted hammer formed and technical rebound likely to happen. Level to watch is RM2.34
However, if it failed to rebound, the next support level to watch is RM2.02
Watch closely and Fast In Fast Out~
*Personally I don't buy Airline Stock


BRAHIMS is on its retracement stage, yet it is supported by its previous resistance RM1.71. More uptrend can be expected if it doesn't break through 1.71
The next level to watch is RM1.91 (11%). Stop loss point would be around 1.63 (4%).


CYPARK break through 20MA and currently supported by its previous low (RM2.41). The next support level to watch is 2.36 and the resistance level is RM2.56.
Profit target RM2.56 (6%).
Stop loss point RM2.33 (3-4%)


 Pull back is taking place in HOHUP. However, we can see a repeating chat pattern happened everytime after it spiked up. Let's watch whether history repeats itself or not.


IOICORP price has been corrected after the corporate action. Currently it is supported by previous resistance RM4.60. The further breakdown will trigger stop loss point at RM4.45 (3.2%).
Current resistance is RM4.9 (6.5%)


WPRTS has been quite for some time after it was listed. Strong support level at RM2.53.
Investor who like this stock may consider to enter at this level. However, strong resistance also can be seen at RM2.57
Patience needed!

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