Tuesday, 31 December 2013


Shared from http://www.leinvest.com/ch/differences-bonus-shares-additional-shares-stock-split.html#.Ur9kSvRDu4a

假设公司A的Share Capital=RM1m,Retained Earning=RM1m,股票Par Value=RM1 ,目前股价RM10,。当公司进行红股1:1,附加股1:1,或拆股1:2时会造成什么影响?
红股(Bonus Issues): 公司出钱买自己公司的股票,然后转送给股东。
附加股(Right Issues): 公司发出新的股票,给股东认购。
拆股(Share Split): 将一张票值(Par Value) 高的股票拆成多张票值小的股票。
红股:Retained Earning减少成RM0。Share Capital增加成RM2m。股价变成RM5。股票Par Value没变。
附加股:Retained Earning没变。Share Capital增加成RM2m。股价没变。股票Par Value没变。
拆股:Retained Earning没变。Share Capital没变。股价变成RM5。股票Par Value变RM0.50。
红股:由于派发红股需要从Retained Earning扣,所以能派发红股的公司代表着之前赚了不少钱。

Surprised ANGPAU from BREM

BREM (62.2%)

BREM has been highlighted on 16 Dec and last on 29 Dec. Suprisingly, it shoot up so so much on the next two trading days. BREM has been suspended on Monday as it hit the limit up 30% after 45 cents gained. today, it was traded to RM2.21 and closed at RM2. The reason it shot up that much is because it was highlighted from NANYANG newspaper that it was undervalued.
KUALA LUMPUR (Dec 30): Brem Holding Bhd soared 17% to a 15-year high of RM1.77 after a bullish report by Nanyang Siang Pau regarding Brem’s net asset value.

"According to a report by Nanyang Siang Pau today, if the group’s revaluation of assets were to be taken into account, Brem’s net asset per share would be at RM8.32.
“The group’s net asset per share is worth RM8.32 but the stock price is at RM1.49, a discount of 82% of its asset value,” said the analytical report in Nanyang.
It argued that since the land owned by the group accounts for 95% of its assets, not only is there no possibility of devaluation, but it also means that there is a potential for its asset value to appreciate.
It added that the company has a high probability of issuing bonus shares, as it has reserves of RM311 million.
In addition, it said the company has “a strong management, good profit, steady financial management and attractive dividends.”
The report recommends investors to “boldly buy the stock to get rich.”
The group had declared and paid an interim dividend of 3% on 16 December 2013. "

It is 62.2% gain after highlighted! Great ANGPAU for you to prepare for chinese new years (for Chinese) and remember to take profit ya~ Don't let ur profit fly.. Remember : Earn less is better than lose~~
One more thing, no 100%  guarantee in stock market and not all stocks picked are earning money.
Please seek advice from your professional broker before you made any decision.

Happy Trading~

Ops, now us 11.39pm and I am here wishing u guys a prosperous and fruitful year ahead!

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Stocks to Watch 30 Dec - 3 Jan

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Below is purely on my personal opinion and please seek advice from your broker for investment decision.

BARAKAH previously was highlighted before it breakout RM 1.42 and traders who were in position are having around 15% profit. BARAKAH currently rebound and the next level to watch is RM1.64 (8.8%).

This stock has been highlighted last week and it is still in my watch list. Watch closely and the next level would be the same at RM1.91.

DESTINI was rebound at the last trading day and volume seems coming back. Watch closely and the next level would be at RM0.48.  **High risk counter

FITTERS volume spiked up last trading day which would bring the price to higher level RM0.815 and RM0.91. 

MYEG is going to breakout soon? Watch closely and once it breakout, the level to watch is RM2.99.
Patience needed for you to get profit on this counter.
Stop loss point = RM2.45

OSKVI volume surged on last trading day. Watch closely if it able to break RM0.57 before it move up to RM0.635.

BREM has been highlighted in here and went up 10%. Currently this counter still waiting volume to push it to higher price which we can look at RM1.71 as the next level.
Watch closely if it break RM1.52 then this might be a good entry opportunity.

Revision for Stocks to Watch 23 - 27 December

It was a good return for the stocks picked for last week.
Let's do some revision for last week.
1. LATITUD (69%)
LATITUD has been spiked up 69% since it was highlighted in 28 November(click here to refer the link). Awesome return from this particular stock. It also gave 14.8% after highlighted in last week Stocks to Watch. The next level to watch is RM2.57 (10.7%)
Last week AIRASIA was mentioned to have a technical rebound and it rebounded for one day (3.6%).
However, personally I would not trade in airline counter as I was mentioned previously.  For long term wise, please stay aside until rebound can be seen from this stock.

3.BRAHIMS (7%)

BRAHIMS did a nice rebound from around RM1.71 level and went up 7% from the time I mentioned.
Next level to watch is RM1.91.

4.CYPARK (10.6%)

CYPARK rebound from the level RM2.36 that I mentioned last week. In last two trading days, it shoot up around 10.6% before it retraced at the last session on Friday. RM2.56 still a strong resistance for it but patience needed for this counter to give you angpau. Haha 


IOICORP also rebound at the last two trading days. Watch if it can break RM4.65 or it might retrace before it goes further north.

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Stocks to Watch 23 - 27 December

LATITUD (Star Stock)

Fantastic surged (51.4%) after it has been highlighted on 28 November.
The next level to watch is RM2.57, however, price might go into pull back before another wave of bull run. Profit taking happened on last trading days. Traders might consider take partial profit if you are in profit position.
The next support level to watch is RM1.91.


Downtrending stock. When it going to be landed like MAS? (Just kidding)
Inverted hammer formed and technical rebound likely to happen. Level to watch is RM2.34
However, if it failed to rebound, the next support level to watch is RM2.02
Watch closely and Fast In Fast Out~
*Personally I don't buy Airline Stock


BRAHIMS is on its retracement stage, yet it is supported by its previous resistance RM1.71. More uptrend can be expected if it doesn't break through 1.71
The next level to watch is RM1.91 (11%). Stop loss point would be around 1.63 (4%).


CYPARK break through 20MA and currently supported by its previous low (RM2.41). The next support level to watch is 2.36 and the resistance level is RM2.56.
Profit target RM2.56 (6%).
Stop loss point RM2.33 (3-4%)


 Pull back is taking place in HOHUP. However, we can see a repeating chat pattern happened everytime after it spiked up. Let's watch whether history repeats itself or not.


IOICORP price has been corrected after the corporate action. Currently it is supported by previous resistance RM4.60. The further breakdown will trigger stop loss point at RM4.45 (3.2%).
Current resistance is RM4.9 (6.5%)


WPRTS has been quite for some time after it was listed. Strong support level at RM2.53.
Investor who like this stock may consider to enter at this level. However, strong resistance also can be seen at RM2.57
Patience needed!

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

19 December _ Follow Up

Hi, Currently waiting for FED news to see whether tapering will be happening or not. Let's update my previous highlighted stock which gone up pretty much in these two weeks.

LATITUD (40.5%!)

LATITUD spike up 40.5% in less than 3 weeks time since I have highlighted on 28 November.
Target price 2.12 almost reached and trader might watch closely or consider to take profit. 


Price shoot up 8.2% before it retraced. More upside to come~


BREM has been highlighted and currently gone up 8.4% and hit the target price. Traders might consider to take some profit and wait for the next run.


Price has been gone up 7.8% before it retraced back to current level. 


Downtrend stock but in the next few days might be able to see some technical rebound which it may hit RM1.02.
Personally I don't trade downtrend stock~  Be careful and don't trade against trend. Take stock trend as your friend.

Sharing is Learning~
If you don't mind, just leave your contact number here (or PM me in fb: https://www.facebook.com/soh.w.sheng) and I will create a whatsapp group which can keep us updated on KLSE stock news. (I believe whatsapp is more effective than blog) !

Happy Trading~

Monday, 16 December 2013

Stocks to Watch 16 - 20 December

Below is purely on my personal opinion and please seek advice from your broker for investment decision.
Watch closely on FOMC meeting result.


CYPARK is on strong uptrending currently. Traders who to enter may wait for the price to retrace to 20MA since it always supported by 20MA.
Volume is diminishing and price may shoot up further north if volume coming back.

DESTINI reached its double bottom price target and currently formed a flag.
Profit target for this flag breakout is RM0.555.


BREM formed a pennant and the projected profit target is 1.53, Classical resistance after 1.53 is 1.71.


Uptrend is intact. Projected target from Fibonacci projection is RM1.46.



WCT is looking for support as the price is currently moving to the south. The next support would be RM2.10 and RM2.03.
Price may rebound when it touch the support. This might be a chance for bottom fishing for investor who like this counter.

Happy trading and trade cautiously!

Please take note this content is same as http://investmentschool.com.my/1720/klse-stock-to-watch-16-20-december/ since the author is the same~

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Sharing is Learning.

Hi everyone,

I am still new to equities market (compared to those earning so much money), but I am here to share and we learn it together!

I believe the stocks that I share have benefited some people and if so, please support support and share to other! Appreciate it~~  **But confirm not all stock that I shared also can make money, nobody can do it and please make yourself clear on what type of risk taker you are before you step into the equities market.

Please feel free to comment here if u guys wan me to share some counter.

Bear in mind that no fundamental in the counters that I have mentioned as I am still learning in that. I would share whenever I am ready as I don't want to make people confusing unless I am clear on what I am doing.

So, please feel free to ask any counter you to know, I would share whatever I know. As if you spotted any counter, please comment and let all people benefited from it! Thanks ya~

You may subscribe to my blog if you would like to get update once I updated or spotted some good counters.

Happy Trading and Happy Earning!

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Updated Stocks to Watch 9 - 13 December

Previously was resisted by 1.42 and today breakout 1.42 with high volume.
More upside can be expected.
*Recently O&G stocks are on bull run but please trade cautiously.

Flag has been formed in IOICORP which the projected profit target is 6.35. Watch for breakout with high volume.

MKH rebounded from the recent low with high volume traded today. The next level to watch is 2.79.

YINSON is on strong uptrend currently. The next level to watch from Fibonacci is 6.63.

MYEG breakout from its resistance and the projected profit target is 2.95.

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Stock to Watch 9 - 13 December

Trade cautiously since FOMC meeting is coming soon and market sentiment might cause retailer profit taking on next week.


GTRONIC is a strong uptrending stock and currently resisted  by 3.17.
The trading volume also has been reduced recently. Traders may watch for the 3.17 level to be cleared before it can move further north.
This stock is well supported by 50MA. Currently the stock seems rebound from 50MA after some retracement recently.


PRLEXUS just broke its resistance on 1.23 with high volume and currently resisted by its historical resistance 1.28.
However, if the 1.28 level can be cleared, the next level to watch is 1.66.


MAGNI is on uptrend currently and trading at all time high. High volume appeared on last trading volume.
Fibonacci projection shows that the next level to watch 2.65.

1.80 level now has been cleared and next level to watch is 2.12.
However, price has been spiked up 35.5% since last week. Trader might watch for price retracement for entry opportunity.

















Wednesday, 4 December 2013

4 December

Sorry as I was quite busy recently and not able to update the blog.
The market sentiment cause the market to be pretty boring these few days. The KLCI index went up was just because of TENAGA alone. Congratulation to those who able to catch TENAGA before it shoot up to RM12.6

SUPERMX is forming ascending triangle and the target profit is 3.14. But the strong resistance on 2.80 must be broken in order to move higher. Announcement made by SUPERMX to expand their factory will hugely increase their production yearly. SUPERMX can be hold for longer term.

Uptrend is intact but profit taking is taking place. Trader might need patience for it to go up to psychological level RM1.00.

Bolinger Band breakout with high volume. The next level to watch is 1.78 and subsequently is 1.87.
PATIENCE needed! Trader might watch for retracement for any enter opportunity.


11.9% since it has been highlighted on 28 November, RM1.68 has cleared and the next levels to watch are RM1.80 and RM2.12.