Thursday, 28 November 2013


ECOFIRS rebounded with high volume and stay above 20MA. Next level to watch 0.245.

Happy Trading and Trade cautiously!

28 November 2013


LATITUD has been on uptrend for quite some time. Today shoot up with high volume and gap up. More upside to see and the next level to watch is 1.68. 
The Q3 result itself is pretty good and with good dividend (0.063).
Trader might watch for retrace to enter.

SUPERMX might trade higher due to the stronger USD (might say weakening RM). The major resistance of 2.81 must be broken in order for it to move higher. Conservative trader might wait for the resistance breakout. 

Traders who want to enter might wait for the resistance of 1.42 to break out. High volume traded today but unable to break the resistance. 
*Looks like people still 'goreng".. (just personal opinion)

DAIBOCI trading at all time high with gap up today. More upside expected if high volume coming in. DAIBOCI has been trading in sideway and maybe this is time for it to go higher??

Resistance breakout at 2.38 with high volume might be the good chance for trader to enter as this counter is consolidating currently. More likely for this counter to trend higher as the prior trend is uptrend.

MYEG is forming a higher high and higher low after the previous retracement. More upside can be expected if resistance of 2.62 breaks. 

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Daily Reporting

28 Nov 2013

DJIA: 16097.33 (+24.53/+0.15%)
S&P: 1807.23 (+4.48/0.25%)
Nasdaq: 4044.75 (+27.00/+0.67%)
USD/MYR: 3.230
Oil: 92.31
Gold: 1237.20
M'sia 10yr bond: 4.04%
Y'day bursa trade stats:
Local in'tion: nett buy 81.3 mil
Retailer: nett sell 31.5 mil
Foreign fund: nett sell 49.8 mil

Discussion Zone

ANCOM (0048)

Request from Wil Lim
Counter is trading on sideway and formed symmetrical triangle. The symmetrical triangle was broken with high volume on 26/11/2013. The projected profit target would be on 0.415 but the 0.405 should be the more significant resistance to break out first. 

Be cautious since black candle appeared on 27/11/2013.
Trade cautiously with penny stock.


CENSOF is on the downtrend since rally on last month. Volume is obviously diminishing substantially and can said as not much people is interested on this stock.
If you found this stock has good fundamental then you might hold for long term.
But if for trading, then probably you have to wait it to rebound.


KULIM having massive sell down in the past 3 trading days. The candlestick pattern on last trading day show it might be a pause and possible to have a short term rebound. However, if it failed to rebound, next level to watch is RM3.25.

Don't catch a falling knife~



Downtrend is taking place.
AAX trading lower and lower.
Don't trade against the trend until reversal sign appear.
May watch for the breakout from the upper band of trend line.


Technical Analysis

Downtrend since JUNE. Phychological level RM1 must be break in order for it to move.
Currently no reversal sign appear and the sell down with high volume might indicate that the investors are not optimistic with the company.
Quarterly result came out with negative figure.
Watch for RM1.

27 November 2013

Follow up MYEG (26 Nov 2013)

MYEG breakout from symmetrical triangle with high volume.
Next level to watch is 2.83.
Below is the post from yesterday.


DAYA rebounded to 20MA with high volume. More upside expected. Stochastic crossver at oversold zone triggered bullish signal.  

Hammer formed at the recent low. Wait for rebound and better to be accompanied with high volume.
Be patient and wait for break out from 100MA.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

3 key Points on Trading

3 key points that you need to have during trading:

1. Enter only when you are confident
2. Discipline
3. Patience and Don't be greedy.

Fast money doesn't last long. High risk counter always give high return but also cause you lose a lot.
Trade only on quality counter which it needs your patience to achieve good return!




3)公司拥有51%PNG (在papua new guinea经营水务业)而且盈利贡献逐渐稳定
5)公司在segambut,bukit prima pelangi 房屋发展计划,发展总值高达:15亿
6)拥有kepong brem mall,net lentable space=650,000sq ft
7)公司这五年都派股息,dividend yield>3%

公司total landbank如下:
1)Jalan 222, Petaling Jaya =1acre
2)Setia Wangsa, Kuala Lumpur =39.0 acre
3)Commercial land around Brem Mall, Jalan Kepong =1.0 acre
4)Residential Land in Kelana Jaya =1.5 acre
5)Mixed Converted Development Land in Bukit Subang, Shah Alam =50.0acre
6)Bukit Prima Pelangi, Segambut Dalam, Kuala Lumpur =39.3 acre
7)Mukim Kapar, Klang and Mukim Bkt Raja, Daerah Petaling =400.0 acre
8)Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya, Sg Petani =99.1 acre

1)brem holding =108acre (公司持股100%)
2)Harmony property=77acre(公司持股75%)
3)Titi Kaya sdn bhd=173acre(公司持股50.53%)
4)Eng Ann realty=126acre(公司持股50.53%)
5)Npo builder sdn bhd=46acre(公司持股25%)



SCC is a good dividend stock which paid out around 10% of dividend last year. Price shoot up after the quarter result released which made profit for Q3 2013. 


SBCCORP spike up after lunch hour today together with volume.
More upside to see if it breaks resistance 1.32 with high volume.


CSCENIC is one of the value investing stock which gives high dividend. 2 hammer and 1 inverted hammer formed. Wait for rebound confirmation to enter.

MYEG spike up from 20MA with high volume. Bullish triggered. Next level to watch 2.62.
MYEG is well supported by 20MA. Traders who missed can wait for pull back on 20MA.


Sorry as I am busy recently and no update blog for sometime.
Traders can watch for this stock as high volume came in periodically. Big boys are inside.
20MA crossed all MAs which is a good sign as uptrend is intact. However, resistance of 0.545 must be cleared in order for it to go further north.







Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Contra Trading

Contra trading in Singapore is basically buying and selling a stock without forking out any cash. So if one were to buy a stock on Monday, one can sell on any following day till next Monday(T+5) without paying for the stock. Once you contra, you either gain the profit or pay for the losses incurred. This form of trading has been favored by retail traders due to the convenience of no upfront settlement, which gives them the ability to rotate their funds to other counters for more flexibility. 

Some may not realize that contra trading is also a leveraging machine which can be geared infinitely. You can buy infinite times more than what you can actually pay as long as you have the trading limit to do so. If you have multiple accounts, your risk will be multiplied exponentially. Hence the only risk mitigation you have is your personal trading limit. This means that this form of trading has the potential to be riskier than most of the derivatives out there. This is also one of the reason why derivatives like ES(extended settlement), CFD, Futures and Options trading are currently lukewarm in Singapore. 

This being said, Singapore and Malaysia are currently the only two countries that allows contra trading. This system of trading is also giving a boost to our local market as it is provides a source of important liquidity. It also enables investors/traders to catch more opportunities when they see them. In a strictly non contra system of trading, one cannot sell their purchased shares until the shares are fully paid up, this means they have to park money in their trust and top up when it is used up. This makes for more down time and down time may not be favorable for traders. 

Contra trading is a system that is beneficial for our local market as it provides the necessary liquidity to our market and the convenience for retail traders. However, it is susceptible to abuse to those who are oblivious to the risk involved. It is analogous to a knife, you can use it for convenience(slicing fruits) or harm(murder). So analogously, we shouldn't ban the knife because it can cause harm, but rather, we should punish those who use it to cause harm to others


High volume came in on 15/11/2013.
Traders may watch if any big player coming in.
Quarterly result may coming out soon.
Watch for any good news.
Happy Trading!


OCK rebounded from 20MA.
Next level to watch is 0.835.
Trade cautiously!

Tips by Warren Buffet


MMODE had dropped 13% after reached its all time high.
However, the price dropping with low volume.
Inverted hammer formed today.
Traders may watch for rebound since it trading at oversold zone.











CUSCAPI rebounded from 50MA.
Currently trading in oversold zone.
Set your stop loss!
My personal opinion to set stop loss is 0.405.
Happy Trading!


MBL rebounded from 20 Moving Average.
Next level to watch 1.14.
Stop loss = 1.04.
Happy Trading!


PADINI rebounded and the next level to watch is 1.80.
Trade cautiously when market is unstable!
Stop loss = 1.62
Happy Trading!


E&O rebounded from oversold zone and with high volume.
Next level to watch is 2.22.
Trade cautiously and set your stop loss!
Happy trading!