Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Stock to Watch - IREKA & IREKA-WB



They were mentioned on 5 August when they were traded RM 0.68 and RM0.285. Please click the link above to read previous post. 
Currently the price is trading at RM0.695 and RM0.32 which both of them have hit target price and retraced.

Both of them were retraced with such a low volume and currently supported at the RM0.695 and RM0.32. 

Will another wave bring it to another high to close the gap by right issue? Lets watch if any chances of bull run again.

Stop loss = RM0.665 (-4.3%)
First target Price = RM0.73 (+5%)
Second target Price = RM0.80 (+15.8%)

Stop loss = RM0.295 (-7.4%)
First target price = RM0.35 (+9.4%)
Second price target = RM0.40 (+25%)

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