Sunday, 23 February 2014

Stocks to Watch 24 - 28 February

The stocks below is recommended for mid term holding.
It is not recommended if you do not have holding power.

1. MAICA  (TP 1.92)
2. TRC  (TP 0.64)
3. KFIMA  (TP 2.50)
4. CATCHA (0.83)
5. SUCCESS  (TP 1.48)
6. CRESBLD (TP 1.65)

ECOFIRS can be considered if the price drop to 0.285 and hold for mid term.

For those in position in MENANG as I posted before, time to take some profit at RM0.80 and if drops below 0.775 then take all profit and wait for second chance.

Please take note if you have patience to hold for longer term, may try to look for HOHUP and INARI.

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